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Soil always takes on the characteristics of the materials applied upon it, the continued use of imperfect irrigation water can have a negative and degradating effect on agronomic conditions. The Harmon SO2 Generator can solve this problem. Depending upon the type of crop and the requirements of the water and soil the Harmon SO2 Generator can and has been used effectively to produce growing conditions favorable to many farming industries. Cranberries and blueberries require a low pH level which the Harmon SO2 Generator is able to control. Soil and water pH, alkalinity, water penetration, SAR and many other growing factors can be managed in a safe cost-effective manner with the Harmon SO2 Generator.

Coal Bed Methane: CBM

There are potentials and concerns of CBM especially the water aspect. Water is produced in large volumes and must be disposed of and used safely. Sometimes the water produced is safe, but often it is tainted and must be treated for further usage. Please review the coal bed methane section of our site for details on the Harmon SO2 Generator as it may prove to be economically favorable and effective in treating water of this type. The Harmon SO2 Generator can solve most of the coal bed methane water treatment issues.

The Harmon SO2 Generator will adjust sodium adsorption ratio (SAR) of CBM water which usually affects how water interacts with soil.

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